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OEM Sensor Solutions
for Data Centers

Server rooms and data centers are full of expensive computers and networking equipment that are designed to operate within a given temperature range. OEMSensors.com's wireless sensor solutions provide a low-cost, highly reliable way to monitor these temperature critical environments.

OEMSensor.com's wireless sensors solutions can be easily integrated into existing data center server racks allowing temperatures to be tracked and monitored. If a temperature falls outside of a user defined threshold, the system will send real time alerts via sms text or email. Save time and money with an automated system that tracks temperatures for you so there is no more manual checking helping avoid costly damage and server down time. OEM wireless sensors can also monitor facility systems providing cost savings in areas like heating and ventilation, area access, light and power management.


What are OEM Sensors?

OEM Sensor Products OEM Sensors are a complete wireless sensor platform consisting of wireless sensors, gateways and monitoring software that you can manage, brand and own.

Our products offer a complete sensing, data tracking and alerting solution that has been tried and tested in some of the most demanding industries. Our products are offered in an un-branded format for resale and private labeling.

Developing your own solution from the ground up takes time and money! Why not use our ready built, low-cost wireless sensing and alerting solution?

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Why Should You Use OEM Sensors?

  • Ready Built Solution
    Save time and money with a complete ready built platform. Why build your own system when you can use a complete, low-cost, tried and tested solution from OEMSensors.com?
  • Make It Your Own With Private Labeling
    White label sensors, gateways and software with your own private brand.
  • Own The Data
    Generate recurring revenue by providing data collection and monitoring services to your customers.
  • Robust Wireless Products with Exceptional Range
    OEM Sensors are being used by some of the most demanding industries. Our products have a 250' - 300' wireless range which is expandable with a wireless Repeater. *

Industries Using Our Sensors

Production and
Space Utilization
and Optimization
Heating and
Air Conditioning