OEM Software Solutions

OEMSensors.com provides a robust software backend system for configuring, monitoring and maintaining your wireless sensors. The system was designed to allow you and your customers easy access to wireless sensor data and configuration settings.

  • Configure, Update and Maintain Your Wireless Sensors
    The OEMSensors.com monitoring software allows you and your users to easily set and configure parameters of wireless sensors.

  • Easy-to-Use Software Interface
    We've gone to great lengths to develop a software solution that is easy to use for both you and your customers. You will find that our software provides easy access to account information, wireless sensor data, notification settings and visual graphs and reports.

  • Use Your Own Backend Application
    Already have a user interface you prefer? OEMSensors.com will license our database, application and API, allowing you to work in a familiar interface.

  • White Labeled User Interface
    Our development team will brand the software to match your company, allowing you to provide the service as your own.

Hosted Online Wireless Sensor Network Monitoring

Hosted Online Sensor Monitoring

Let OEMSensors.com host a white labeled monitoring and notification system dedicated to your wireless sensors. The online system allows for complete configuration and customization at a sensor, local network, or client wide level through our unique online sensor software that is branded just for your company. You have full control over your system, without the hassle of maintaining a server system.

  • System includes notification via SMS text and email
  • Accessible via Internet from anywhere
  • Unlimited sensor data storage
  • Privately branded for your company
  • OEMSensors.com maintains servers so you don't have to
Self Hosted Wireless Sensor Network Monitoring

Self Hosted Server Software

Want to host your own sensor data? We currently offer two solutions for self hosted monitoring:

Solution 1:
OEM licenses complete sensor monitoring software (sensor database, app server and white labeled UI) to host on their own servers.

Solution 2:
OEM licenses the sensor database and app server and data API's to intergrate into an existing UI or one that they are developing.

Sensor Monitoring Software Source Code

Software Source Code

Want to take our monitoring software and further develop it to meet your own unique criteria? The complete source code of our software system can be purchased allowing you to build a completely custom user interface.

  • Complete UI source code for our monitoring software system
  • Development support is available